Sunday, August 16, 2009

NFL Fail, Adminsitrivia, Thanks.

Way to go, Philadelphia Eagles for signing Michael Vick. Not.

This man should be working in an animal shelter, unpaid, for... how's eternity sound?

I'd really like to know what gets you perma-banned from the NFL. Seems they're willing to turn a blind eye to many player misdeeds as long as asses are in the seats.

I'm more or less settled now, so if you have a fail, please send it on in.

Thank you for your tips and tricks re: moving with cats. I only sedated them the first day, they seemed OK without it for the rest of the trip. Everyone is now safe and happy in Texas. Thanks again!


  1. I have started working on new jingles for the Eagles corporate sponsors. So far my favorite is Geico: So easy even a dog killer can do it.

  2. *yawn* you need to start posting more frequently with more humor. After waiting a month between the last post and this one, I was hoping for something more original than short and uninspired Michael Vick hate-post.

  3. Blogs are srs bzns, you know. Thanks for sharing.